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Eyelash Implants

If you’re looking for a solution to look rejuvenated without wearing any makeup, lash extensions can be that solution for you. You may be thinking “ lash extensions are too dramatic and obvious” or “lash extensions are just for young people”. Well, you aren’t alone in thinking that! I used to think the same way and decided to do something about it by creating natural looking lash sets for women who want to look more youthful without

invasive procedures. 

Lash extensions can camouflage fine lines, sagging eyelids, wrinkles and tired eyes – solve 4 concerns with a relaxing and pampering lash service in a memory foam massage bed. Lash naps are almost guaranteed!

If you want to wear less makeup, look like you’ve had a good night’s rest and look more youthful, book your appointment today!  Let’s have your lashes look naturally eye-catching!

Hello beautiful, lashes

Lashes - Rates


In-Studio Lash Services (Sheppard & Allen, North York)


Gives the look of wearing mascara but with no clumps,

more curl and longer length. The most natural look.

  2.5hrs | $120.00 Unlimited 


2 week |$65.00

3 week |$75.00


Gives the look of natural looking false lashes, fills in gaps, best of both worlds

- Classic & Volume mix

  3hrs | $140.00


2 week |$75.00

3 week |$85.00

Refills - When scheduling fills, keep in mind the average person can shed 1-5 natural lashes per day. 30 of the lash extensions must be remaining per eye, or a $20 fee will be applied to the fill rate. 

Referral program - $20 off for you and a friend! (in-studio only)


1hr | $80.00  


1.5hr |$95.00  

Lash lifts last 6-8 weeks when the lash sheds naturally

*Mobile Lash Services - Can be done upon request for Full set appointments only. $20 minimum travel fee will be added

Designer Lashes

Designer Kit.jpg

Are you missing your lash extensions that you once had or are hesitant to try them but always wanted to? Now you can get the look of lash extensions without having to leave your home with Designer Magnetic Lashes! Lash extensions are an amazing service but not everyone is able to get them (salons closed due to lockdown, allergic to the adhesive, alopecia, feeling uncomfortable while pregnant and lying on your back, cannot afford them among other reasons). They are also lash extension friendly! So if you are in between fills and your lashes aren't looking as foxy as they used to be, you can pop these on to get them back to looking 100% until your next fill.

This kit contains:
*Custom made magnetic strip lashes
*White Tweezers
*Black Magnetic Eyeliner
*Virtual consultation to design your own custom lashes

Lashes are a lifestyle. Leave lashes to the professionals.

Lashes - past work


Lashs - FAQ
  • How far in advance should I book beauty services for my wedding?
    We suggest booking beauty services at the very minimum of 6 months to give you the best chance of us being available for your big day. 9-12 months in advance is ideal. Due to the pandemic that postponed many weddings, our 2023 is booking up quickly. If you like what you see, book now by putting down a retainer and signed contract to reserve your date before we are fully booked.
  • What is included in the hair and makeup trial?
    The trial includes 1 hair style and 1 makeup look. Minor adjustments to the style of the hair or makeup are included. The service also includes complimentary strip lashes and hair donut if wanted. If you would like more than one makeup or hair look, it is an additional trial service charge per additional look.
  • Is there anything I should do to prepare for my trial/wedding day?
    You should wash your hair the night before to help keep the curl and avoid conditioner and leave-in hair products. Moisturize your skin the morning of. If you are using hair extensions, make sure they are washed and air dried before use to remove residue.
  • How far in advance should I book my trial?
    If you want to do a trial first before you book your wedding day, do your trial within a month and we will put a soft hold on your wedding date. If you have already booked us, we recommend booking your trial at least 1 month prior to your wedding day. For best availability book your trial starting from late fall to late spring.
  • Why are the rates higher for bridal hair and makeup if I don't book a trial?
    Our rates are higher for brides who have decided to forgo doing a trial because extra time is needed to perform a consultation and make any necessary adjustments if need be after the hair and makeup has been completed. Trials are highly recommended because you will meet and become familiar with your artists for your wedding day. Your artists can recommend a certain skincare regimen if you have any skin concerns or if an artist notices anything that will affect how the makeup will look and perform (dry/oily/acne/acne scarring skin) and can suggest some skin care products or suggest seeing a dermatologist or esthician before your wedding day. Many photos we see of hair styles are made with hair extensions so seeing your hair beforehand, we can also let you know if hair extensions are necessary to create the hair style you're envisioning for the day of. Trials let us know if any adjustments need to be made to the hair or makeup style after you have worn it for the rest of the day when we follow up the next day.
  • Do you have a studio?
    We currently do not own a store front studio and provide mobile services for trials and weddings. Victoria has an in-home studio and will do her best to accommodate appointments for trials only.
  • How far will your team travel?
    We service the entire GTA and for locations outside the GTA we have a 5 person minimum for hair and makeup or the equivalent value if the number of people cannot be met. Please contact us for a quote if your wedding is located outside of the GTA for travel rates.
  • What form of payment do you accept?
    We accept email transfer and all major credit cards. Our artists do not accept any form of payment unless you are giving a gratuity. All payment will be handled with Victoria.
  • Is there a minimum booking for weddings?
    There is a 3 service minimum (3 makeup OR 3 hair) to book and if both hair and makeup are needed a total of 6 services is required (3 makeup AND 3 hair). We offer a micro bridal package for brides who would just like hair and makeup for themselves only and still want to have the pampering experience even without a bridal party. Download our rates menu to learn more about the package.
  • Are there travel fees?
    There is a $15 minimum travel fee. Travel fees start at Yorkdale (North York) and the travel rate is $1/km per artist. If there are any parking fees that are over $5, they will be added to your balance. There are additional travel fees for locations outside of the GTA. Inquire to get a customized quote.
  • Do I pay a retainer to secure my wedding date?
    We require 30% of the total contract to reserve our services for your wedding day. Once we receive your payment, services cannot be deducted and only added if time permits. The reservation payment is non-refundable.
  • Can I make changes to my services?
    If we have received your reservation payment, services cannot be deducted and your balance will remain the same. You can always include other guests to replace the service that is no longer required and/or add services or extras (lashes, hair extensions etc) if there is availability and if time permits.
  • Will you hold my wedding date if I book a trial?
    Yes, we will hold your wedding date if a trial is booked within the next month of inquiry. If a trial is booked more than a month from the inquiry, we cannot guarantee your date will be available up until your trial date. Once the trial occurs, we give a 5 day soft hold period in which you can decide to move forward and reserve your date by paying 30% of the contract.
  • Is there a deadline to when I can place my wedding deposit?
    If you have booked a trial with us, the deadline for the reservation payment is due within 5 days after the trial date. If you are not interested in a trial, putting down the 30% payment as soon as possible is recommended as we will not hold your wedding date until the payment has been received.
  • Can I use my own false lashes?
    Yes, you can if the lashes have not already been worn. If you provide the glue, application is free of charge. If we provide the lash glue, it's $5.
  • What is airbrush makeup?
    Airbrush makeup is makeup sprayed onto the skin using an airbrush instead of being applied with sponges, brushes, fingers, or other methods. As the makeup is sprayed on, it connects with the skin as millions of droplets of formula. The formula can create an even, sheer, natural appearance to the skin that, if applied properly for a natural look, can appear natural and non-heavy like traditional makeup. Airbrush makeup also has the feeling of not wearing any makeup at all and is a great choice for those who do not wear makeup often if at all. Airbrush makeup is not suitable for people with oily skin, rosacea, and acne clusters.
  • If I would like classic lash extensions for my wedding day, when should I book my appointment?"
    It is recommended to book your full-set of lash extensions at least 2 weeks before your wedding day. On the rare occasion, some people can be allergic to the adhesive. If this does not occur, you can get a fill a few days before your wedding day to fill in any lash extensions you may have lost.
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