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We are also Mobile!

*Minimum travel fee of $10. Travel rates increase after 15km from Islington & Dundas.

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Classic Full Set 

Gives the look of wearing mascara but with no clumps, more curl and longer length. The most natural look.

2.5hrs | $100.00 Unlimited


2 week |$60.00

3 week |$70.00

Hybrid Full Set

Gives the look of natural looking false lashes, fills in gaps, best of both worlds - Classic & Volume mix

3hrs | $120.00


2 week |$70.00

3 week |$80.00

Volume Full Set

Gives a more dramatic false lash look, a lot more thickness, high density

3.25hr |$135.00


2 week|$80.00

3 week |$90.00

Refills - When scheduling fills, keep in mind the average person can shed 1-5 natural lashes per day. 40% of the extensions must be remaining (or at least 30 lashes left per eye), or a $20 fee will be applied to the fill rate. 

  • Referral program - $20 off for you and a friend!



Lash Lift

1hr | $70.00  

Lash Lift & Tint

1.5hr |$85.00  

Lash lifts last 6-8 weeks when the lash sheds naturally


Misencil Oil-Free Makeup Remover $33.00 - For the everyday makeup wearer

Misencil Oil-Free Mascara $26.00 ( For those that want a little extra to their lashes or to fill in gaps in between fills. Removes easily when cleaning lashes - no rubbing required)

Misencil Keratin Lash Protector $32.00 (Protects lashes from oils, sweat and debris.

Recommended for oily skin, wearing makeup or when weather is hot and/or humid)

* Best seller Misencil Deep Cleansing Lash Shampoo Kit (comes with cleansing brush) $31.00 (Removes makeup, dirt and buildup for a deep clean)

LivBay Lash Serum - Thicky Thick $65.00 An affordable lash serum that gives noticeable results after 30 days. Lashes are longer, thicker, and stronger. With strong healthy lashes, you can have more choice in length and style of lash extensions.

Lash Cleansing Brush $8.00

Extension safe sleep mask $18.00 (Prevents lashes from being tugged off while sleeping)

All products are made for and safe for use with lash extensions

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