Lash Extensions



November Promotion

Save $25 on Lash Lifts/Tints

We are Mobile! $1/km travel fee. Minimum $20.00 

Classic Full Set 

2-3hrs | $90.00 Unlimited


Classic Light Set (50 lashes per eye)

1.25hr | $75.00

Refills - When scheduling fills, keep in mind the average person can shed 1-5 lashes per day. 40% of the extensions must be remaining, or a $20 fee will be applied to the fill rate. 

2 week fill | $45.00

3 week fill | $65.00

All clients will receive a loyalty card upon their first fill. After the 5th fill, you will receive $20 off your next appointment! Referral program - $20 off for you and a friend!



Lash Lift

1hr | $75.00  Now $50 for the month of November

Lash Lift & Tint

1.5hr |$95.00  Now $70 for the month of November

Lash lifts last 6-8 weeks when the lash sheds naturally

Lash Lift


Misencil Oil-Free Makeup Remover $33.00 - For the everyday makeup wearer

Misencil Oil-Free Mascara $26.00 ( For those that want a little extra to their lashes or to fill in gaps in between fills)

Misencil Micellar Water Cleanser (Rinse Free) $24.00 (for the light makeup wearer)

Misencil Keratin Lash Protector $32.00 (Protects lashes from oils, sweat and debris.

Recommended for oily skin, wearing makeup or when weather is hot and/or humid)

* Best seller Misencil Deep Cleansing Lash Shampoo Kit (comes with cleansing brush) $33.00 (Removes makeup, dirt and buildup for a deep clean)

Lash Cleansing Brush $8.00

Extension safe sleep mask $18.00 (Prevents lashes from being tugged off while sleeping)

All products are made for and safe for use with lash extensions

Makeup Artist Toronto: 647.282.2608

Servicing Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Scarborough, North York, Markham, Oakville, Brampton, Vaughan & GTA

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